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create: {"material_type"=>"Video", "availability"=>nil, "link"=>"", "uri"=>"", "uri_type"=>"URL", "citation"=>"Videos showing the evolution of the bed and the erosion fronts", "dataset_id"=>838, "selected_type"=>"Other", "datacite_list"=>"IsSupplementTo"} 2019-03-19T15:41:24Z
create: {"material_type"=>"Article", "availability"=>nil, "link"=>"", "uri"=>"10.5194/esurf-2019-8", "uri_type"=>"DOI", "citation"=>"Fernández, R., Parker, G., and Stark, C. P.: Experiments on patterns of alluvial cover and bedrock erosion in a meandering channel, Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss.,, in review, 2019.", "dataset_id"=>838, "selected_type"=>"Article", "datacite_list"=>"IsSupplementTo"} 2019-03-18T16:33:16Z
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