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1 10.13012/B2IDB-0360762_V1 2018-05-16
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update: {"title"=>["2018WR022551R and 2018WR022550R data", "Lewis, Quinn; Bruce, Rhoads (2018): Data from: LSPIV Measurements of Two-dimensional Flow Structure in Streams using Small Unmanned Aerial Systems: Parts 1 and 2"], "description"=>["", "These data are for two companion papers on use of LSPIV obtained from UAS (i.e. drones) to measure flow structure in streams. The LSPIV1 folder contains spreadsheet data used in each case referred to in Table 1 in the manuscript. In the spreadsheets, there is a cell that denotes which figure was constructed with which data. The LSPIV2 folder contains spreadsheets with data used for the constructed figures, and are labeled by figure. "]} 2018-07-16T17:28:29Z