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1 10.13012/B2IDB-1538422_V1 2024-04-11
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RelatedMaterial create: {"material_type"=>"Article", "availability"=>nil, "link"=>"", "uri"=>"10.1111/gcb.17376", "uri_type"=>"DOI", "citation"=>"Margenot, A. J., Zhou, S., Xu, S., Condron, L. M., Metson, G. S., Haygarth, P. M., Wade, J., & Agyeman, P. C. (2024). Missing phosphorus legacy of the Anthropocene: Quantifying residual phosphorus in the biosphere. Global Change Biology, 30, e17376.", "dataset_id"=>2677, "selected_type"=>"Article", "datacite_list"=>"IsSupplementTo", "note"=>"", "feature"=>nil} 2024-07-09T14:55:51Z
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