Version DOI Comment Publication Date
1 10.13012/B2IDB-3520220_V1 2016-12-14
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12IL015_C0T95ACXX_s_5_fastq.txt.gz 16.6 GB File
12IL015_key.txt 7.89 KB File
12IL016_C0T95ACXX_s_6_fastq.txt.gz 16.1 GB File
12IL016_key.txt 7.87 KB File
12IL017_C0T95ACXX_s_7_fastq.txt.gz 17.6 GB File
12IL017_key.txt 7.9 KB File
12IL018_C0T8GACXX_s_1_fastq.txt.gz 11.9 GB File
12IL018_key.txt 7.9 KB File
12IL019_C0T8GACXX_s_2_fastq.txt.gz 14.1 GB File
12IL019_key.txt 7.95 KB File
12IL020_D16KRACXX_s_4_fastq.txt.gz 14.8 GB File
12IL020_key.txt 7.91 KB File
12IL021_D16KRACXX_s_5_fastq.txt.gz 18.1 GB File
12IL021_key.txt 7.92 KB File
12IL022_C19WLACXX_s_7_fastq.txt.gz 14 GB File
12IL022_key.txt 7.95 KB File
12IL023_D1GF7ACXX_s_1_fastq.txt.gz 12.9 GB File
12IL023_key.txt 7.81 KB File

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