Version DOI Comment Publication Date
3 10.13012/B2IDB-0170190_V3 The revised dataset includes new scripts for testing isolation-by-distance and justification of our SNP filtering criteria. There are also minor revisions to figures and a correction of the longitude of RU2012-104 2018-06-18
2 10.13012/B2IDB-0170190_V2 Added missing file "160511polyfreq.R", minor updated to the diversity_differentiation_stats file and the README 2018-03-26
1 10.13012/B2IDB-0170190_V1 2018-03-16
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create: {"material_type"=>"Article", "availability"=>nil, "link"=>"", "uri"=>"10.1093/aob/mcy161", "uri_type"=>"DOI", "citation"=>"Lindsay V Clark, Xiaoli Jin, Karen Koefoed Petersen, Kossanou G Anzoua, Larissa Bagmet, Pavel Chebukin, Martin Deuter, Elena Dzyubenko, Nicolay Dzyubenko, Kweon Heo, Douglas A Johnson, Uffe Jørgensen, Jens Bonderup Kjeldsen, Hironori Nagano, Junhua Peng, Andrey Sabitov, Toshihiko Yamada, Ji Hye Yoo, Chang Yeon Yu, Stephen P Long, Erik J Sacks. Population structure of Miscanthus sacchariflorus reveals two major polyploidization events, tetraploid-mediated unidirectional introgression from diploid M. sinensis, and diversity centred around the Yellow Sea. Annals of Botany, mcy161,", "dataset_id"=>601, "selected_type"=>"Article", "datacite_list"=>"IsSupplementTo"} 2018-09-26T13:51:32Z