Version DOI Comment Publication Date
1 10.13012/B2IDB-8561435_V1 2016-12-14
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12IL003_C0F1MACXX_s_2_fastq.txt.gz 12.7 GB File
12IL003_key.txt 7.76 KB File
12IL004_C0F1MACXX_s_3_fastq.txt.gz 11.9 GB File
12IL004_key.txt 7.79 KB File
12IL005_C0FW4ACXX_s_1_fastq.txt.gz 13.8 GB File
12IL005_key.txt 7.76 KB File
12IL006_C0FW4ACXX_s_2_fastq.txt.gz 12 GB File
12IL006_key.txt 7.77 KB File
12IL007_C0G97ACXX_s_1_fastq.txt.gz 12 GB File
12IL007_key.txt 7.74 KB File

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