Version DOI Comment Publication Date
2 10.13012/B2IDB-8470827_V2 In this updated version, a slightly different statistical analyses was conducted which tent was used as a replicate instead of site, requiring that we use a generalized linear mixed-effects model. This new version reflects exactly what is presented in the official published manuscript. 2021-05-12
1 10.13012/B2IDB-8470827_V1 2020-07-10
Clem_Field_Borders_Master_Sheet2_IDB.xlsx 295 KB File
Clem_Harmon-Threatt_FieldBorders_dataset_Readme2.txt 10.5 KB File
CorrelationMatrix_IDB.csv 4.04 KB File
ET_data_separated_by_date_tent_site_IDB.csv 17.3 KB File
ET_nmds_by_site_group2_IDB.csv 195 Bytes File
ET_nmds_by_site_spp2_IDB.csv 3.35 KB File
Field_Borders_R_Code2_IDB.R 11.2 KB File

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